About the law office

THOR Law Office was established in 2012 with the aim of providing a personal and flexible legal service. Over the years, small and medium-sized enterprises, non-profit associations and people in everyday legal matters have become our main clients.

The law office will help you resolve and support you in resolving legal issues so that you can use your time efficiently, featuring a need-based approach. Unfortunately, resolving many legal issues on your own can take up a great deal of time without achieving clarity. We prefer an optimal, effective and result-oriented approach to solving a client’s issue. Everyday life around us is becoming increasingly complicated due to the detailed rules and obligations, which, in turn, raises the need to consider the potential risks (including legal risks) of decisions, transactions or plans.

The service provided by attorneys is not the services of a lawyer or a lawyers office. The name of an attorney can only be obtained by a member of the Estonian Bar Association who has passed a complex professional examination aimed to receive this profession. The legal service provided by attorneys is guaranteed by the confidentiality obligation applied to the communication between the client and the attorney, and the legal service provided by the attorney is covered by professional insurance. There is also a mandatory annual training obligation for attorney to update their knowledge.

When using the legal service provided by a law office, its possible cost must be taken into account. As a rule, the legal service provided by an attorney is paid based on an hourly fee, the cost of solving simpler tasks for a attorney is in hundreds, and for solving larger and more complex issues is estimated in thousands and more euros.

As we want to offer our clients more flexibility, we advise clients both during a personal client meeting and in the form of remote counselling (video counselling via electronic channels).

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The opening hours of the law office are Monday to Thursday from 10.00 to 17.00

Admission at the law office is by appointment only. Due to the activities of the law office, it is not possible to service occasional unregistered appeals.

Sõpruse pst 29-12 (5th floor), 10615 Tallinn

Tel.: (+372) 6 801 681
Fax: (+372) 6 801 682
E-mail: info (at) thor.ee
Procedural documents: menetlus (at) thor.ee

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