About the office

The THOR Law Office was founded at the beginning of 2012 with the objective of offering prospective clients a flexible and personal legal service. We wanted to distinguish ourselves by carefully choosing our clientele and by offering substantive value through the delivery of high-quality legal services. Our main clients are local and international companies and private individuals as well as government and local government offices.

Although the law office itself is still young, our team has considerable and significant experience in client consulting. Our people have acquired experience at leading Estonian law offices or in the public sector. Our team have considerable experience in consulting operations and in summations both in the area of public and private law. A detailed overview of our areas of activity can be found here.

In order to provide maximum benefit and to be as efficient as possible in providing the best outcomes for the services we provide we work closely with specialists from related areas such as notaries, bailiffs, accountants, auditors, patent agents etc.

We realise the importance of a targeted approach of maximum use to our clients. To that end we maintain complete honesty and transparency and avoid selling services that are not relevant. In cooperation with the client we develop the necessary solutions representing their best interests, providing clear and rapid answers. We use the determination, competence and experience of our team to achieve the right and appropriate outcome.

We would like to emphasise to existing and potential clients that legal aid is not an elite or inaccessible service. It is an everyday service, the appropriate use of which enables us to avoid many large problems and concerns both in business and private life.

What we value?

We pride ourselves on achieving the solutions that are important to our clients. This entails that the client must receive a high-quality service that is relevant and reasonably priced. Therefore, we do not charge for initial meetings or the time spent talking with you. The client and their goals and needs take priority.

In order to make sure we can focus fully on the client’s needs we choose our clientele carefully and are always direct and honest in our feedback. To us there are no large or small clients: we use a quality standard that guarantees attention and care irrespective of the scale of the concern or problem.

Areas of activity

The areas of activity at THOR Law Office are wide-ranging. We can help our clients on almost all legal matters while primarily focusing on civil, company, criminal and administrative law.

In order to determine whether we can help you with your issue or enquiry we ask you to contact us and provide an outline of your needs.

  • sales and swap contracts
  • lease and tenancy contracts, loan for use contracts
  • loan, credit and leasing contracts
  • employment and service contracts, labour law
  • contracts for supplying services (contract for services (incl. construction), authorisation, agency, commission, transport, deposit and forwarding contracts, contracts for the provision of health care services etc.)
  • factoring contracts and other contracts for the assignment of claim and transposing obligations
  • immovable property and movable property transactions (ownership, servitudes, real encumbrances, right of superficies, right of pre-emption, rights of security, land register)
  • trademarks and intellectual property, licence agreements
  • non-contractual obligations (compensation for damage, unjustified enrichment etc)
  • establishing companies and non-profit associations
  • relations between shareholders (partners)
  • relations between the management board, supervisory board and shareholders (partners)
  • preparation of management board, supervisory board and general meeting resolutions and minutes
  • register entries
  • tax and customs law, tax proceedings
  • administrative proceedings
  • construction and planning law (detailed and other plans)
  • competition law and consumer protection law
  • public procurements
  • administration contracts
  • environmental law
  • public service law
  • telecommunications law
  • media law
  • citizenship and migration law
  • fundamental rights and their protection
  • local government law
  • penal power (financial, tax and occupational crimes)
  • misdemeanour and criminal proceedings
  • civil proceedings (proceedings of action and proceedings of petition at all court levels)
  • administrative court proceedings (challenging the legal acts and procedures of the bodies of national and local government)
  • arbitration proceedings
  • bankruptcy proceedings (instituting and participating, performing the rights of claim)
  • execution proceedings (relations with the bailiff, supervising the bailiff’s activities, challenging the bailiff’s activities etc.)


We consider our strengths to be: education, experience, the ability to listen, our wide network of partners, being prepared for difficulties and striving towards constant self-improvement. We offer our clients legal services on a case by case basis or on the basis of a permanent contract to satisfy daily need. We are characterised by a kind, positive and optimistic approach to our work. This is demonstrated in our business like approach, that we avoid stereotyping in our relations with our clients and always offer a high quality legal service.

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Attorney at Law

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1992 studies at the University of Tampere;
1994 graduated from the University of Tartu, Faculty of Law,
Bachelor Studies


2012 – THOR Law Office Ltd.
2007 – 2012 Kasak & Missik Law Office Ltd.
2002 – 2007 Markus , Meidra & Missik Law Office Ltd.
1995 – 2002 Olevimäe Law Office Ltd.
1994 – 1995 Olevimäe Õigusbüroo PLC


Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish

Avada Admin


Attorney at Law

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2009 – Master’s degree, Faculty of Law, University of Tartu;
2007 – Bachelor’s Degree, Faculty of Law, University of Tartu


2012 – THOR Law Office Ltd.
2011 – 2011 SVM Advisory Ltd.
2011 – 2011 Ferratum Group Ltd.
2009 – 2011 Estonian Tax and Customs Board
2007 – 2008 Northern Tax and Customs Centre
Estonian Tax and Customs Board
2007 – 2007 Tallinn Students Law office


Estonian, English


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