Areas of legal aid

Contracts and contractual disputes

  • Drawing up contracts
  • Contract analysis and consulting
  • Representation in contractual negotiations
  • Settlement of disputes arising from the contract

Debt claims

  • Preparation of debt claims
  • Debt settlement
  • Debt negotiations

Solving arguments

  • Settlement of applications and non-actions (civil matters)
  • Preparation and settlement of complaints in court (administrative matters)
  • Compromise negotiations
  • Participation in bankruptcy and enforcement proceedings

Business law

  • Establishment of associations (commercial and non-profit)
  • Preparation of documents related to associations
  • Advising on the day-to-day operations and transactions of associations
  • Advising on shareholder relations

Real estate law and activities

  • Advising on the purchase of real estate
  • Advising on the sale of real estate
  • Consulting and analysis of real estate contracts
  • Disputes over hidden deficiencies in real estate
  • Limited liability real estate transactions

Administrative law

  • Administrative procedure and representation in public authorities
  • Contestation of decisions of state agencies and local governments
  • Challenge procedure
  • Administrative litigation

Tax law

  • Tax and customs law and advising related to the tax and customs board
  • Advice on tax proceedings
  • Challenge procedure in the tax and customs board
  • Representation in tax and customs disputes in court proceedings

Migration rights

  • Visa and residence permit issues
  • Recruitment of foreigners
  • Issues of employment of foreigners in state institutions

Aliens’ issues

  • Arrival of an alien in estonia
  • Issues related to the stay of an alien in estonia
  • Acts related to the alien’s residence in estonia
  • Acts related to the departure of an alien from estonia

Criminal and misconduct proceedings

  • Criminal law
  • Representation in criminal proceedings
  • Representation in misdemeanour proceedings
  • Criminal and misdemeanour court proceedings

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